Battle of the lysosome! Dun dun dunnnn

Honestly there are so many organelles in the cell but my favourite has got to be the lysosome!  Image

Why pick the lsosome you say?

Well only because it’s so cool and awesome and its main priority is to fight for  to keep us alive. Located in animal cells they are phagocytic, which means that particles from the cell’s surroundings are engulfed into the cytoplasm.

They  are formed into vesicles from the golgi apparatus and contain digestive enzymes such as proteases and lipases. Because they contain digestive enzymes it is very important that these enzymes remain isolated from the rest of the cell within the lysosome membrane. Could you imagine what would happen if these digestive enzymes were free in the cytoplasm? Well first of all there would not be any cytoplasm because the lysosome would digest the entire cell. Sometimes this does happen for example in certain tissues of a tadpole’s tale when it is changing into a frog. This is called apoptosis or programmed cell death. It can also happen in humans in such diseases as rheumatoid arthritis , the lysosomes would attack the cartilage of the joints.

The following video just goes to show how brave this lysosome is as he faces the challenges to keep us intact! I do hope after this video you may learn to appreciate this organelle a little more!


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