Reflecting a little on the cell

References :  (2000). In The Royal Society of Medicine Health Encyclopedia. Retrieved from

The Cell 🙂

The cell such a simple name for one of the most important finds in the history of biology. Starting from the beginning we all know, well atleast I really hope that we all know who first used the term ‘the cell’. It was Robert Hooke (1635-1703) in 1665. 


The cell was always known for its structural purposes it was only recently that the complex biochemical processes that take place in the cell came into play. It was the discovery of these purposes that led to the growth in medicine and expanded the knowledge of each and every on of us.

One may say that our body is like a community of cells, this comes from the fact that out body is composed of millions of cells. Some of us are together in which case they form tissues which lead to the functional units called organs. eg the lung and other cells are free which move around eg; erythrocytes.

Image showing red blood cells

Image showing red blood cells

Image showing the lungs

Image showing the lungs

Their sizes will obviously vary due to their functions, for example a erythrocyte which transports oxygen, its size being 8.5 um to a nerve cell which are about 1 meter long


Just as any living thing, the cell needs fuel to get energy and in order to get this energy they burn oxygen, because they are so small they are covered in tissue fluid and get supplies from diffusion.

What makes the cell so special ?

One of the reasons is that is contains a nucleus , which holds chromosomes , this is the length of DNA that are coiled , DNA is responsible for cell reproduction, as it has the genetic information that is needed. Not only does the cell contain a nucleus but it is surrounded by cytoplasm which contains a number of other organelles, proteins, enzymes also amino acids which are required for different purposes.


A cell has different types of membranes some are doubled, while some are single. A basic cell membrane will contain cholesterol also some protein molecules. They play an important role when it comes to receiving information from the outside world, and also for getting substances in and out of the cell.


I really hope you found this informative 🙂 Until next time God bless :*


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