Just me :)

tumblr_mhazilRutW1s2dgqeo1_500Well hello there!  My name is Chelsea Harripersad and I am currently pursuing a biochemistry degree at the University of the West Indies.   I am an average but awesome undergraduate who is desperately trying to survive the UWI life. My hobbies include reading- yes I am trying to become a nerd, listening to music- it is one of those things that keep me going everyday and hanging out with my friends- without them I would be really sad and lonely 😦

I am honestly really excited about my blog, it is something new that I have never experienced before and I do hope it is beneficial to me as well as to anyone who reads it. This is just the first of many posts that are soon to come.

All I really want is for you to enjoy this blog and I hope you find it interesting as you get an incite into my mind as I explore the world of biochemistry.

In conclusion I have but only one question for you : Will you explore with me ?


4 thoughts on “Just me :)

  1. Explore with you I shall 🙂 enlighten me with your knowledge

  2. linikerfrank says:

    hi cool blog my fellow blogger!

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